Anaga Biofest – Festival en la Reserva de la Biosfera del Macizo de Anaga

Anaga Biofest

Term and conditions


  1. Minors who register for the activities must be accompanied by an adult of full legal age that considers that the minor is able to complete the chosen activity. Each adult may accompany a maximum of two minors per activity.
  2. Participants must act responsibly with the environment, promoting the environmental preservation and social balance at all times.


  1. All the hikes shall be conducted by official expert guides, as well as by highly experienced professionals, who shall be duly identified. Participants must follow their directions and indications at all times.
  2. Participants must wear proper clothes and footwear for hiking. Otherwise, the organizers may prohibit the participation of hikers not complying with this requirement.
  3. For the hikes, it is recommended that participants carry warm and waterproof clothes, as well as sufficient food and drinks, hat or caps and sun protection.
  4. Bad weather conditions shall not be an obstacle for the development of the hikes. However, the organizers reserve the right to amend or remove scheduled hikes, especially in the case that the personal safety of the participants may be affected.
  5. The cancellation of the reservation may entail the return of the money paid, depending on the moment in which it occurs:
    1. Until before 1 week: full refund of the amount.
    2. During the last 7 days: no refund.
  6. The registration is personal and non-transferable and involves the acceptation of the present rules.
  7. The minimum participants per excursion are 6, should the number not reaches that figure, the participants will be relocated to other excursions.
  8. In the event of unforeseen cancellation of the Festival due to sanitary reasons, this will result in the participant being entitled to a full refund of the registration fee for all excursions chosen. The organization cannot be required for any further obligation or requested for additional compensation to the purchaser. 


  1. We strongly recommend to follow all instructions and advice given by the organization before and during the celebration of the event.



The registration at the Anaga Biofest:




  • The organization, so it may use, in whole or in part, my own image contained in the photographs that may be taken during the Anaga Biofest for the sole purpose of promoting this event, which include the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication.


  • The organization to use these, or part of them, in all the countries of the world with no geographical limitation whatsoever.


This authorisation refers to all the possible uses of the photographs, or parts of them, containing my own image, using the technical means known at present or others which may be developed in the future, and for any application. All with the sole exception and limitation of those uses or applications that may infringe the right to honour under the terms provided for in Organic Law 1/1985, dated 5 May, on Civil Protection of the Right to Honour, Personal and Family Privacy and one’s own image.


This authorisation is granted for an unlimited period of time, and no time limit is set for its granting or for the exploitation of the photographs, or part of them, containing my own image.


This authorisation is granted free of charge, and I expressly waive the right to claim any amount for the assignment of the image rights contained in this document.