Anaga Biofest – Festival en la Reserva de la Biosfera del Macizo de Anaga

Collaboration with other biosphere reserves


Boundless nature and rurality is the festival’s motto. It is a concept which could clearly be applied to the reality of other biosphere reserves. This duality and these overlapping concepts are closely associated with the symbolism that underlines this international event. Environmental conservation, in perfect harmony with the wisdom of men and women that have inhabited these island territories since history began. For this reason, and with the goal of turning this common denominator into a collaborative framework for the project, in the 2022 edition the first festival activities were launched in two other islands: Gran Canaria and La Palma.

On the island of Gran Canaria there was a twinning activity involving different actors within the Anaga and Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserves, respectively. The meeting took place in the municipalities of Tejeda and Artenara, with involvement from local actors and entities. This collaboration is set to continue into 2023.

Last year’s edition also included an activity entitled “Volunteering for the La Palma Biosphere Reserve”. Representatives from the organising team, as well as actors and suppliers involved with Biofest, travelled to Puerto Naos, where they planted banana and other fruit trees. The estate, Finca Platanológico, is located in one of the areas most affected by the Tajogaite volcanic eruption in 2021.