A regenerative tourism approach

Feel what it’s like to be a part of the biosphere. The festival programme is gaining strength and developing. We seek responsible travellers, that can contribute to instilling the values that this event embodies, and who wish to promote activities that bring about a positive impact on the places they visit. What will you gain from participating in Anaga Biofest?

Support the local economy

This project relies on support from key actors and entities in the municipalities of Tegueste, La Laguna, the northeast of Tenerife and the Anaga Biosphere Reserve. The individuals and businesses in charge of leading and coordinating the activities will receive fair payment for their services, thus ensuring that the festival acts as a socioeconomic boost at the local level. It is the result of a participatory vision of tourist destination management, getting the resident population involved too.

Enjoy personalised experiences

The festival programme has been put together with great care, from the heart, with a craftsman’s lens, and made to measure. The chosen themes reflect a long term strategy. The activities are designed to offer unique experiences, which is why groups will be small, and therefore more personal. This will help to facilitate knowledge exchange between participants and local actors involved in the festival. The initiatives will also include additional, complementary activities.

Try KM 0 cuisine

We are what we eat, and everything this entails. Eating can be a way of recognising and supporting the local primary sector and an area’s traditions and customs. That is why food based on unique local products has an important presence at the festival, both in the range of activities on offer in the programme, as well as in other complementary events.

Stay safe

You will have the opportunity to reconnect with the nature and culture of a unique and biodiverse territory, whilst staying 100% safe. There will be no large crowds, and safety standards will be upheld, always with a focus on quality over quantity.

Promote public transport

Above all as a form of sustainable mobility. We know that one of the biggest challenges for the Anaga Biosphere Reserve is to reduce traffic of private vehicles at specific hot spots. This can be achieved with new hubs and access and departure points for the area, as well as by improving public transport links. As a way of increasing awareness of this need, whenever possible, and especially for the hamlets in Anaga, some of the transfer services will be run by TITSA.

Generate a positive impact

Tegueste Biofest will not only minimise its environmental footprint on the area, but it will also take an active role in promoting activities that make a positive difference to the surroundings. For this reason, a series of parallel activities will take place to improve pathways, hiking trails and other resources and environmental spaces. In this edition, activities will include putting up bird boxes to aid the recovery of native and endemic bird populations. Of course, there will be no single use plastics, and plenty of biodegradable and compostable materials.

Promote equality

One of the biggest new focus points of Anaga Biofest is to raise awareness of the gender perspective. It is an issue that is taken into account right across the festival, and there will also be specific activities and routes that showcase the role of rural women in Anaga. The goal is to reveal how important, yet undervalued they are, by showcasing their social, economic and cultural influence in rural societies such as this.

Mitigate and offset the carbon footprint

The festival aims to minimise its global carbon footprint. As well as mitigating CO2 emissions as much as possible, they will also be measured, as was done during the first edition, to propose reforestation activities. In the 2022 edition, with involvement from participants, there will be a day dedicated to replanting laurel forest plant species in La Orilla (Tegueste), and planting fruit trees native to Anaga in different areas. 

Promote inclusive tourism

This is a mindful festival, with a positive approach to diversity and broad-reaching goals for socio-environmental education. We are committed to offering equal opportunities for enjoyment in a responsible manner, regardless of a person’s condition or their level of functional or sensory impairment, in a way that is safe, comfortable, autonomous, and normalised.